Your copyright is wrong







It is just incredible to see all these copyright marks spreading over the World Wide Web. So many of them there are, that you can hardly see the proud texts underneath any more. Is it just another evidence of how the formal kills the functional ?

But wait. Think... Don't you feel, don't you sense, that something is very wrong there. And then... How can so many people be so wrong so simultaneously ?

Don't sign anything ! Ever. Did not you ever notice that anything you sign just puts you into more trouble? Ain't that not yet clear to you ? So why are you still following this cursed path ?

Why is it not yet plain to you that, by just doing nothing, by not signing your work and by casually encouraging people to steal it, you have a real chance to get rid of a whole bunch of nuisances ?

  • Think about the police, priests and politicians, their eagerness for censorship and the specific kind of pleasure they get when sending people to jail... Well, you would better do without them would'nt you ?
  • Think of the always hypocritical praise of your contemporaries. Think how jealous and mean they are and how quick they can be as regards inventing lies and misinterpretations about anyone's work. Are you going to allow them doing that to your very intellectual blood, sweat and tears ? Consider how skilled they are in building traps to cause the fall of their betters. Are you going to give them that sort of pleasure ? 
  • Think of all the low, pitiful and coward ways by which people will abuse of your authority as soon as you will possibly happen to earn one.
    • Think of all the stupidities and lies they will say, pretending to have understood the treasures of your mind whereas they never caught the very first word of it.
      You don't trust me ? OK then, check it on your friends, and evaluate how deeply they read you. Ah! You already did it. Good! And you let the game go far enough to draw some accurate and bitter conclusions regarding the result ? Perfect!
      Now look...Those ones are your very best friends, aren't they ? And you discussed the whole stuff again and again with them, so that you honestly thought that they almost wrote your works with you. Correct ? And they know you well and they do care for you, don't they ?
      So now just imagine what potential foreign readers could possibly do to your work...
      Can you foresee the disaster and the waste ? Oh! Yes you can! So just trust me. Don't ever sign your work ! Don't be so childish. Drop that toy.
    • Be true and honest to yourself. Think further! Think deeper! Think of all the crimes, wars and concentration camps and all that your "innocent" audience may make in your name if you happen to sign your work!
      Do you
      really want to take the risk of seeing your name cursed by billions of people when they die ? No, of course not. So... Don't let them do that to you ! Don't even let them do that to the shadow of your ghost. See, here is the quite easy means to avoid such a pitiful fate : just don't sign your work!
      Believe me and listen! Create the most delicate and beautiful things you can, yes. But hide carefully your name. Cover your footprints. Step wisely in the mist and disappear for eternity. Be wiser. Prevent even your own nasty heirs from mistreating your thought for money's sake. Just give your work away. Yes, give it away.
  • Don't be mean ! Do it right. If you really think you are a creator, then at least show some evidence of self respect, and give your work the ultimate touch of professionalism : Don't sign it. God did not! He just dropped His excellent Creation and then He ran away as quickly and silently as He could. And later, sure sign of the most sacred elegance, he just pretended that it was all the Devil's fault.
    So, be wise. Listen to the Lord ! Follow the High, the Holy behavior. Be on the Creator's side. Be smart, and don't sign your work !
  • Dare! Dare face the truth and face yourself ! If you are not too sure whether you are really a creator or not, still the best is not to sign your work ! Just let people steal it freely, this will give you the surest evaluation of your actual talent. The quicker they will run with your work in their bags, the better you are.
    Stop wasting your time and money and let them care about dissemination. If your work is really good or just somewhat useful, then it shall fly its own flight away and propagate by itself.
    Look! Did you ever happen to pay for anything good and reliable ? No, of course not. Everything you are paying for only causes you all sorts of bitter disappointments. Just consider Microsoft software for instance... So don't sign your work and give it away. Give it away for free ! It's the surest evidence of excellence and quality.
    Don't sign your work and give it away or you shall face the risk of ending up like Bill Gates. Hey, don't laugh ! It's bloody catching.
  • Now let's assume that unlike most of the Rich, you do have some self respect. Good ! You are on the right track. Carry on. That's just another reason not to sign your work.
    If you do, your will end being mixed up will a crowd of brats who are so pitiful that they have to use costly commercial ads to force their stupidities into their neighbours brains. Do you find the slightest hint of dignity in such a behavior ? Is that compatible with the size and extent of your pride ? Is that compatible with the range and breadth and height of your hopes? Of course not. You cannot kid yourself on this point, can you ?
    Then you know what you'd rather not do. Don't sign your work! And as you proudly piss, give it away for free...

So I hope you now caught me well. I hope you have understood where all our evils come from. All the mess we are in, basically results from only one thing: you-are-signing-your-work.

And worse... You are using this bloody copyright mark everywhere on top of it... This of course, without thinking, - might it be a bit, just a little bit - about the possible consequences.
Stop that, idiots, you are just hurting yourselves! Be smart, be clever, and listen to sweet golden holy sister laziness ! Don't ever sign your work ! Drop this stupid habit once for all, you are on the wrong side.
You may go on smoking if you like. Yes you can. You may even resume smoking. That's no point. You are only harming yourself. It's not that bad after all, you know... So, yes, go on smoking, it's a detail.
But please, stop signing your work! You are spreading the very root of all pollutions throughout the entire Earth. Remove this bloody signature needle from your veins, remove it now ! Or they will all start sucking your blood to death again.  

But well... I can see that you don't trust me. I am not surprised. You are  addicts, that's all. OK then, I don't object. Do as you like... That's your business. Not mine. You are all supposed to be grown-ups, aren't you ?
But yet when you have a moment, when you are on your own, in the middle of the night, in the depths of your bed, under your blankets, think. Think a bit further. Take your time, walk it through on your both feet, walk it through at your own pace, but walk it through nevertheless. Just think for a while... And then, when things start getting clearer a bit for you, don't hesitate. Be clever for once, and throw all your signatures and copyrights away.
Then, I promise you shall see how quickly and easily the entire world and everything - even you - can improve.