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"La poésie doit être faite par tous..." - Lautréamont

Poésie: du Grec poiein, faire.
"Le verbe poiein s'applique à toutes sortes d'opérations, depuis celles qui modèlent de la glaise jusqu'aux réalisations les plus hautes de l’artiste ou du poète. Mettre les mains à la pâte, sculpter une Minerve, incarner la pure poésie dans la précieuse matière des mots évocateurs et des sons cadencés, c'est toujours exercer ce métier de fabrication idéaliste [a] qui a fait définir l'homme: homo Faber. - Maurice Blondel,

[a] - "Le plagiat est nécessaire, le progrès l'implique..." - Lautréamont

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Nothing will get anywhere suited with our desires or even bare survival as long as we do not get involved in all the necessary technology to cover our needs in the areas required for our own growth and own adventures.

Living beyond religion

All variants of the type of system we live in are based on isolating production and consumption. Such systems work like all religions always did because ultimately they are of religious nature
These sytems started by reselling small bits and pieces of God and that is still what they live on.

L'Or du Temps - zazie

They take the results of our activities, package them with glory and fame -- not ours, theirs -- and settle them beyond a TV screen or a shop window where they appear in full light, surrounded by a sort of glow similar to the glory of God in ancient books. and then they make us pay for the fame and glory -- again, not ours, theirs.

Human action and human thought is all that ever was there and it's enough. We do not need these simulacra and this ethereal glories.
We have Love and it's known to lead far beyond all that, since it was the last word that the religions uttered after all.

As long as we will not take back our tools to play with them, as long as we will allow this Spectacle to go on, as long as we will let walls grow between the time slots allocated to our work and the time slots allocated to our pleasures and adventures, there will be people to insinuate in between and to take advantage of the position.


The once and future thing

There was a moment in History when Surrealism appeared as a part of the Workers Movement.
The most aware among us have now long realized that the reverse was actually true.

There was a moment in History when the most aware of us realized that Ecology and the Workers Movement where two aspects of the same approach [1].
We are not far from the moment when this shall be obvious and clear to everyone

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Common growth

All intelligences are essentially equal. Proving it on a daily basis among ourselves works better and goes beyond anything like learning and teaching

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  1. Voir les derniers numéros de Survivre et Vivre, groupe fondé par Alexandre Grothendieck , il y a plus de 30 ans.



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