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The idea here is not to make Science (of course) but rather to gather information about Science and to draw the possible consequences in our lives of what is scientifically known.

What may be found here ?

Mainly links to material of interest as regards the overall orientation of this web site...
But also comments, exploration paths or thoughts that may result from taking into account the contents of this material (to be found under the And worse... tag on the right side of this page).

Information about technological breakthroughs that do not fit with the approach stated in the Technologies section of this web site may also appear in this Science section.



Information items linked below may be of any type : web pages, printed text, photos, audios, videos, etc...

Except what is placed under the And worse... button below, the general Copyleft orientation of this web site of course does not apply

Note: Some of the following links may not currently be active.


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