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This page is a temporary Home page because this web site is being entirely rebuilt. You will currently find here mainly textual contents and visual art contents...

Calliope - zazie

However this contents shall be extended with technology related data and science related links

Links on the left and of the top of the page lead towards the following:

  • The Orientation section contains orientation texts
  • The New section contains Announcements
  • The Experiences section contains mainly results of collective experimental art activities
  • The Texts section contains both orientation texts and texts taken from previous web sites
  • The Technologies section contains information about Web Software and Art Software tools
  • The Science section shall contains news and more generally information about Science
  • The Books section contains references to books published under the "La Belle Inutile Editions label and to books published by ourselves or friends elsewhere.
  • The Link section is a temporary page as well and it currently contains mainly links to websites belonging to the surrealist community


Mysterious Encounters - zazie




Fresh Contents

Note: Some of the following links may not currently be active.


Unveiling - zazie


Standard Contents


La promenade de Vénus - Alejandro Puga



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